01. Lou Reed booed in Canada for free-improv set (pictured)

‘Lou Reed, Laurie Anderson and John Zorn faced a furious crowd on Friday night, playing cacophonous music to a cacophony of boos at the Montreal International Jazz festival. Fans expecting Sweet Jane or Walk On the Wild Side were instead met by the skronk and skree of Reed’s more recent free-jazz work, infuriating sections of the crowd. As audience members hollered their complaints, Zorn responded. “If you don’t think it’s music, then get the fuck outta here.”‘ (Guardian)

02. Gamboa, Rojas agree to Sept. 11 fight

‘Featherweight titlist Yuriorkis Gamboa will still attempt to unify belts, just not against Orlando Salido as originally planned. Instead, Gamboa will face Elio Rojas to unify two of the major 126-pound titles.’ (ESPN)

03. The Best Albums Of 2010 So Far

‘Not content with the sleep deprivation and eye-meltingly long shifts producing our once-yearly best albums list, just to endure a torrent of abuse from fans of Wavves, Coldplay and Mumford and Sons, we decided we weren’t punishing ourselves enough…’ (The Quietus)

04. On The Street….Masculine Details, Milano

‘Everything about this guy is truly old-school Italian: his stare, his gait, and his impeccably tailored suit. Unfortunately, upon every occasion of me raising my camera to take his portrait he would lower his head and walk away.’ (The Catorialist)

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