01. Orientalist Party Music

“Mohammed El-Bakkar was forty years old in 1952 when his ship pulled out of the port of Cairo. For a decade he’d been a fixture of the Egyptian film industry, a singer with remarkable power and range, but now his hair was thinning and he was putting on weight, and it had been years since he’d been cast in a leading role. He’d turn up as a sailor or a bedouin and belt out a lighthearted novelty number. Or he’d do a cameo as a self-obsessed opera star, serenading his reflection in a dressing-room mirror, unaware that the hero—a younger, handsomer singer—was about to lock him in a trunk and steal his place onstage. The joke was that Bakkar was pompous, a ham, and there was probably some truth to it. Had he been less convinced of his abilities he might have resigned himself to the life of a clown. Instead, he did what hams around the world had been doing for generations. He moved to New York.” (Believer).

02. Taste Test: Kettle-Cooked Potato Chips

“Even at their worst, kettle chips are a near-perfect snack. It’s hard to go wrong with thin slices of potato fried to a crisp and doused in salt, and kettle chips, which are fried in small batches to facilitate greater control of oil temperature to optimize texture and flavor. The kettle cooking approach takes these perfect guilty treats to a new level of, um, perfection and guilt.” (Serious Eats).

o3. Video: Wolverine 1000 Mile Collection | 721LTD (Above)

“A project that we have been working on over the past several months is the special edition, limited-quantity Wolverine 1000 Mile boot with the imprint 721LTD. The undertaking, which is named for the original 1000 Mile boot reference number, was pulled directly from the company’s archives from over 125 years of boot making. To celebrate the provenance of the 721LTD boots, Wolverine commissioned a film series (directed by my friend Sean Sullivan) to document the journey of these unique 1000 Mile boots. The opening chapter takes you on a pilgrimage to Chicago to visit the Horween leather company, America’s finest tannery and supplier of shell cordovan to the 721LTD 1000 Mile boots.” (ACL).

04. Rooney loses to Tevez in World Cup beauty contest

“For those unfamiliar with a website called Beautiful People – it’s some kind of dating commune for people who are really hot stuff. It’s also home to the 2010 Beautiful People World Cup – a fun feature, which allows gorgeous members of the public to judge World Cup players by looks, deeming some to be really sexy, whilst simultaneously crippling Wayne Rooney’s sexual confidence.” (The Spoiler).

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