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While Jason and Jeff are enjoying the spoils of Berlin, I took a quick ride up the New Jersey Turnpike to visit handsome Elizabeth, New Jersey.

The purpose of the trip? To view the Perfecto by Schott N.Y.C. Spring 2011 collection. Literally fresh off the factory floor, the new collection highlights the best of the best from Schott’s 98 year history. New Schott creative directory, Greg Chapman (seen above fitting me in a Mountain Parka), explains, “The Perfecto Brand by Schott NYC is for men with high taste levels who understand the construction, materials and history behind the garments. The pieces are not based on trend; the styles have been passed down in the Schott family for nearly 100 years. These jackets are built to last for decades.”

In the name, Chapman pays homage to Schott’s first ever collection, released in 1928. In that year, Irving Schott took advantage of the growing motorcycle market by introducing a line of leather jackets named for his favorite cigar – the Perfecto. Today the line continues to be manufactured in these United States, with emphasis on local sourcing an added bonus.

The Perfecto by Schott N.Y.C. line will debut officially on July 19, 2010 at (Capsule) NY. A full first look preview and the specs for all four jackets in the collection comes after the jump.

Khaki WaxWear Men’s Perfecto
This unique and never seen before Spring weight 26” PERFECTO(R) motorcycle jacket is made with WAXWEAR canvas which is also made locally in New Jersey, features a plaid cotton twill lining. The Waxwear fabric takes on a vintage look as worn giving each garment a personal and individual identity over time.

Orange WaxWear Men’s Duffle
This is an updated version of the classic Schott wool duffle.  At 31” this classic shape is made with a WAXWEAR canvas shell and a cotton sheeting lining. It features authentic closures fashioned of natural hemp with wood toggle trim.

Khaki Poplin Mountain Parka
The original jacket was popular in the late 60s early 70s. Our 30 ½” self lined version is made from our dead stock 60/40 nylon cotton poplin and features gold hardware.

Navy Suede Club Jacket
This 26” Jacket featuring knit collar, cuffs and waistband takes it’s inspiration from a typical late 40s casual jacket, again we delved into our archives and found this classic piece, we have lined this with cotton sheeting and added a chain pull breast pocket to reflect a design feature of that time.

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