01. Art historical (denim) discovery? The Master of the Blue Jeans….

“Canesso Gallery in Paris will unveil a series of 17th-century Italian works this September that deal in all things denim. The gallery says that curator Gerlinde Gruber of the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna, has discovered the painter whose subjects wear a fetching denim-like material, hence the catchy exhibition title: The Master of the Blue Jeans. “The group of paintings attributed to [the artist] include the recurring presence of a blue cloth, whose white thread weave shows the typical structure of Genoese fabric; its place of origin [Genoa] led to the modern designation of jeans,” says the gallery.” (The Art Newspaper).

02. Diller Scofidio & Renfro’s Lincoln Center Grassy Remodel Opens To Public (Above)

“Looking for a bit of green in midtown Manhattan this summer? We’re happy to say that the second part of Diller Scofidio & Renfro’s remodeling of Lincoln Center was recently officially unveiled, and it includes a floating, sloping grass-covered roof atop a new building that will eventually house the Film Society and a high-end restaurant. New York Times’ architecture critic Nicolai Ouroussoff panned the redesign, but he identified the ‘Illumination lawn’ as a high point. And over the past month, the most important critics of all — sun-seeking New Yorkers — were raving.” (Inhabitat).

03. Wiley’s great grime giveaway

“If there’s one thing world-weary Wileyoligists have learned, it’s to never be surprised by anything he does. Ever. Which is why his Twitter hissyfit yesterday, slating and then sacking his manager John Woolf, was less melodramatic than it might seem. He’s even thrown this kind of tantrum before – 18 months ago, when he publicly dissed Woolf for the travesty that was Cash in My Pocket: “If You Knew How Mad I Am Right Now Watch The Video For The 1st Time And Its That Shit Version Of The Tune John Woolf I Am Gonna Get You I Promise 1 Day You Will Pay For This You Tramp I Hate You.”” (Guardian).

04. 2010 Restaurant and Bar Design Awards // Winners announcement

“The Restaurant and Bar design Awards were announced in London two weeks ago and although this yearly event is only two years old, there was an immense amount of entries from 38 countries making it a young success. The entries are judged by a highly regarded panelists in hospitality and lifestyle sectors. The list of projects demonstrates the energy and innovative culture that is permeating worldwide and the introduction of many young firms making a statement in the world of design. Many winners from London, a great project in India and our good friends from Sebastian Mariscal in the USA.” (Yatzer).

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