Nowness today presents a new film about Japanese tattoo master Horiyoshi III.

Johnny Shand Kydd (who you may remember from last week’s post) captured the master at work, getting at the core of his process.

Some words about Horiyoshi III –

Born Yoshihito Nakano in 1946, Horiyoshi III had his epiphany when confronted with a Yakuza (Japanese gangster) sporting a full body tattoo—or “suit”—at a public bathhouse as a young boy. Inspired, he visited the studio of his later master, Horiyoshi I, for his own tattoo, and subsequently became his apprentice at the age of 25. Now based in the suburbs of port-city Yokohama, Horiyoshi works from a secluded, quiet atelier, crammed with skulls, Japanese Noh theater masks and even a dragon-print umbrella from Vivienne Westwood. His status as the most respected tattoo artist in Japan is confirmed by his adoption of his master’s honorific title, which he aims to pass down to his son, Kazuyoshi Nakano.

The video also offers a preview of the recently released Horiyoshi III clothing line, which transfers some of the splended designs he inks on skin to garments. I wrote a brief ramble about the clothing several weeks ago. Seems fitting to link it, so here goes – Horiyoshi III.

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