I don’t hit on the Vegas art scene often, but “If You Lived Here, You’d Be Home by Now” has some nice work in it. It’s a collaborative installation associated with Erin Stellmon’s exhibition “Reign of Glass,” running to July 24, 2010, at CAC.

“It is impossible to build a city out of nothing.  As much as it seems so, Las Vegas did not spring from the middle of the desert overnight.  It was built on the impossible dreams of many both living and visiting here and survives as a town of memories (fuzzy as they may be) and extreme realities.
I am striving to create a counter to this forced society that is CityCenter with a structure built of memory, touch, and community. For this installation I have asked artists that have lived here, live here currently, or have visited in the recent past, to participate by completing a simple black and white contour line drawing on an individually cut piece of archival paper that I supplied.  Each artist had the option to either have their work donated (with proceeds going to the CAC a 501-C3 non-profit), or to have them returned.  The CAC has been a Las Vegas institution for over 20 years that feeds the community in numerous ways.  I am hoping to help the CAC raise funding to keep its doors open and to help ensure its future growth.”
-Erin Stellmon

Full info at CAC.

More images of the installation after the jump.

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