01. Norman McLaren ‘Pen Point Percussion’ (Above)

‘This film footage is from around 1940 and shows Norman McLaren painting on film negative to create a sound composition. Now whilst Norman is of course using the technology of the day, he’s not moaning about the lack of features of his toolset, he’s just using what he’s got to make something wonderful. And the biggest thing he’s got is a willingness to experiment and try new things.’ (Brendan Dawes)

02. Mel Gibson’s rant caught on tape

Not much more to say. He’s nuts. (Hollywood Gossip)

03. Raekwon Talks Possible Collaboration With Eminem

‘The Chef and Slim Shady may have something to add onto the menu shortly. Raekwon told XXLMag.com that he met Eminem at Switzerland’s Openair Festival over the weekend and they discussed the possibility of working together.’ (XXL)

04. The Greatest Of All Trios

‘Now that those 3 mogul tycoons are together in Miami, I think it’s a good time to talk about some of the other greatest trios of all-time. As you shall see, they usually end up leaning too far to the individual genius carrying two lesser pieces along, or the two great ones and a third wheel. Some are rap groups, some are iconic fictional characters, and some are breakfast cereal franchises. Without further ado…’ (Slam Online)

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