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Samuel Glassmann of Paris takes his cufflinks seriously, as made obvious by his description of the production process for some of them. As described below. More importantly, they look incredibly finished and well made. The brilliance in color force them to standout when worn.

“Firstly, the pion is milled in order to create two flat surfaces: one surface being the outer part of the shell … Using a bath of muriatic acid, the burnt edges of the pawn caused because of the milling process, are scoured away. Next, polishing: in a wooden barrel filled with water and powdered pumice stone the angular aspects of the pions are smoothed out so not to damage the shirt buttonholes when they are eventually in use… Finally, the link between the cufflinks is created with a silk thread known as ‘cordonnet’. Cordonnet was used in the 19th century for sewing buttonholes and preserving contact between the button and the silk thread.” Serious business.

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