Tune in and turn up

Rockabilly anyone?

For those living or visiting NYC this weekend, you may want to trot over to the LES for the first NYC show by Los Angeles’ Wild Records recording artists Omar & The Stringpoppers. For those into the rockabilly sound, it is sure to be a big deal. “The band have developed into the US’s number one rockabilly band playing extensively throughout California and Europe. Omar [Romero] onstage is like watching a tornado unleash. If you find this a bold statement, when you catch his live show, you will not be disappointed. Over the last two years, Omar and the Stringpoppers have played in Spain, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, UK, and they were one of the healdliners at Viva Las Vegas 2003 [and 2005]” (photo)

Check them on Sunday, July 18th at Manhattan’s Lower East Side Self Edge New York shop.

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