Eatlacma opened in late June and will run through November 11, 2010. In essence, the exhibition functions as an inventive way to utilize the institutions great collection – focusing on a specific theme and tying objects from across disciplines together.

About the exhibition –

LACMA is a year-long investigation into food, art, culture and politics. Fusing the richness of LACMA’s permanent collection with the ephemerality of food and the natural growth cycle, EATLACMA’s projects consider food as a common ground that explores the social role of art and ritual in community and human relationships.  EATLACMA unfolds seasonally, with artist’s gardens planted and harvested on the museum campus, hands-on public events, and a concurrent exhibition, Fallen Fruit Presents The Fruit of LACMA (June 27-November 7, 2010). It culminates in a day-long event (November 7, 2010) in which over fifty artists and collectives will activate, intervene, and re-imagine the entire museum’s campus and galleries. EATLACMA is curated by Fallen Fruit—David Burns, Matias Viegener and Austin Young—and LACMA curator Michele Urton.

The exhibition also includes “Show Us How You Eat,” a social networking art experiment that investigates how people chew and swallow and enjoy food. Above is Brett McKenzie eating a hamburger.

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