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Following the success of their ROOT spirit, Art in the Age has announced the second in their line-up of historically informed organic spirits. SNAP takes its name from the Pennsylvania Dutch ginger snap cookie and will be available from Hitmewine beginning in August.

About SNAP –

The formula for SNAP is based on the Pennsylvania Dutch recipe for ‘lebkuchen’, or ginger snap. ‘Lebkuchen’ dates back to the late 1600s, when German Anabapists, seeking freedom from state-mandated religion, settled in present-day Pennsylvania. These original colonists were farmers who used hearty blackstrap molasses to sweeten their baked goods and meals, since refined sugar was not readily available. Neighboring British colonists considered this practice to be crude and unsophisticated, but today we know otherwise. Blackstrap molasses retains vital mineral complexes and antioxidants that are later stripped away during the white sugar refining process. The full-bodied, earthy flavor of molasses is unlike any other sweetener. Although the Pennsylvania Dutch did not distill ‘lebkuchen’, Art in the Age has succeeded in reviving this nostalgic recipe and fully realizing its potential as a unique distilled product.

More images of the bottle design after the jump.

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