01. The Fabulous Zab Judah

“Zab Judah 39-6 (27 KO’s) looked fabulous in his destruction of the experienced Jose Armando Santa Cruz 28-5 (17 KO’s). In the first round Zab boxed well and showed the athleticism and boxing fundamentals which made him a world champion; he worked behind the jab and kept moving, ducking and side stepping the best of Cruz’s punches. Zab even made Cruz look amateurish at times. In the third round, Zab let Cruz chase him around the ring while looking for counters. With forty seconds to go in the round Judah caught Cruz with a left uppercut as Cruz was coming in. Cruz got up at seven. Zab stormed in knowing that Cruz was hurt, and beat him into the ropes. The referee jumped in immediately.” (East Side Boxing).

02. Shedding Darkness on an Eakins Painting

“The critic Clement Greenberg once described Thomas Eakins’s signature brand of darkness as “an ideal chiaroscuro.” Eakins was known to knock down even the brightness of a cheerful blue sky with a sober dimming wash.” (NYT).

03. Have a seat. Especially if you’d like to die quicker

“Sometimes the design of animals is really not intuitive at all. Both horses and dogs have four legs, roughly the same body shape, and similar running mechanics, yet a horse spends its downtime on its feet, while dogs spend their idle moments off their feet.” (Core 77).

04. Green Your Home Entertainment with the Roku Box (Above)

“If you’re part of a family that’s really into technology and the bounty of entertainment options it has to offer, then the Roku Box may just be the thing you’ve been looking for to streamline your entertainment system. This hardworking gadget is the perfect way to compact your home entertainment into a lightweight little black box that’s both Wi-Fi ready and able to stream content directly to your TV! A great way to reduce your carbon footprint by dropping away all that plastic, packaging and other material related to DVD and blu-ray disc distribution, the Roku will let you uncoil yourself from the pile of wires collecting behind your TV and bid adieu to all the Earth-unfriendly clutter of the “olden days”!” (Inhabitat).

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