01. Kicking Against The Pricks: Uffie On Sex Dreams & Denim Jeans

‘Uffie, many will probably be disappointed to read, comes across as a relatively likeable person. Not particularly dense or craven or snide… just, you know, someone releasing a pop record slightly later than expected.’ (The Quietus)

02. Vampire Weekend: ‘Being Sued Is Frustrating’

‘Vampire Weekend have responded to being sued by the cover star of their second album ‘Contra’ by telling NME they are finding legal issues around the case “frustrating”.’ (NME)

03. ‘I really wasn’t that concerned about morality in fiction’

‘American Psycho author Bret Easton Ellis argues love and sadism are linked, and that technology has stopped us feeling’ (Guardian)

04. British Remains

‘how much post-Albam crap can we possibly take? Albam make excellent gear, fairly priced, but the slew of Albam-alikes pumping out button-downs, chinos, denim and totes makes a man want to self-harm. Regardless of the material weights, painstaking treatments, sourcing or manufacturer who’s within walking distance, a substantial amount of feverishly WordPressed product looks like Blue Harbour by Marks & Spencer. Ignore my quest for the perfect blank for a second. Bring back the print tee.’ (Gwarizm)

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