Adriaan van der Ploeg, a photographer based in Rotterdam, points his camera towards the race-cycling tourist in a new series Mont Pugatoire.

Mont Purgatoire is an extraordinary photography-project about ordinary men, voluntarily battling their own strength on the steepest slopes. Photographer Adriaan van der Ploeg (1984) portrayed these riders of the anonymous peloton with a ruthless eye for detail. Initially the series of close-ups remind of the conventional photos from the sports-section, but a closer look reveals their true content: no cycling-idols but anti-heroes, collectively seeking for a unique experience. In race-cycling literature and -photography traditionally attention goes out to large cycling races, the classics or big names of the peloton. Mont Purgatoire focuses on all the other cyclists.

Full information is available at MillionBillionZillion.

A video tour of the project after the jump.

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