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Having previewed the Hamilton 1883 Autumn 2010 collection virtually and physically (during New York’s Market Week), we learned there were a few stories to good to avoid passing on.

With a grand tradition of bespoke shirt making, Hamilton does the right thing and draws on customer quirks to give its own off-the-rack pieces a distinct flavor. The heritage of the shirt maker, that customer based history, finally takes shape this fall and the “$” shirt speaks volumes about the ability of the company to draw stories from the past and incorporate them in the new direction.

David Hamilton shared this about the “$” shirt, “We’ve had a loyal custom shirt customer who is in the oil business and therefore did a lot of international travel.  After being mugged, he had us design a hidden “cash” pocket to keep a $100 bill in case of emergency.  It’s details like this that we love learning about through our custom business and want to carry over into our ready-to-wear shirts.”

Check the shirt out in full after the jump along with the Field Shirt, another favorite from the preview.

Both are available beginning the end of this week.

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