01. ‘NBA’s ‘max’ players just aren’t what they used to be’

‘Ah, life was so much simpler back in the day … about two weeks ago … when it was a good thing to be known around the NBA as a “max guy.” Now? It’s not as onerous as some other labels associated with the association, like “‘tweener,” “project” or “coach killer.” But being known as a “max guy” — a player whose contract pays him the maximum salary allowed by the collective bargaining agreement for his years of service — has a new whiff about it after the initial flurry of free-agent signings in the Summer of 2010.’ (NBA)

02. Cam’ron and Vado set August release date for Guns n’ Butta

‘Diplomats leader and hip-hop’s pinkest-dressed man, Cam’ron, has announced the release date for Gunz n’ Butta, his new album with fellow Harlomite Vado.’ (Fact)

03. Fashion blogging makes it’s first foray into song

‘THE first ever song dedicated to the fashion blogging phenomenon is here and is due for release on the 23rd August.’ (Vogue)

04. The Mad Men Job Interview (Above)

‘As a promotion for the show, AMC has created this online job interview that reveals where you’d fit in at the newly formed agency, Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce…’ (AMC)

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