Based in Wakefield, Rhode Island, Corwin Butterworth began his career in the arts with paint before gravitating towards wood in 1998. A two-week continuing education course at RISD provided quick springboard into the medium, the short stint enough to find Butterworth assisting Barry Sumrall in his workshop. The experience kicked off a series of apprenticeships for Butterworth. He’s worked in England and completed the intensive course at the Center of Furniture and Craftsmanship in Rockland, Maine.

Now five years into his own studio, Butterworth concentrates on custom designed, hardwood furniture. His comfort ranges from seating to neat little boxes. He’s no slouch with cutting boards either. The range of influences are obvious (Asian, Scandinavian, Shaker, etc.), but the artists stamp is rarely lost. His pieces are functional and full of personality – the above 4-Post chair as firm  example of Butterworth’s contemporary and personal take on past styles.

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