Nom de Guerre produced this short film directed by Zach Gold, featuring the new Nom de Guerre version of the classic Converse Skidgrip CVO shoe. In addition to the Converse shoe, the video also features a look into Nom de Guerre’s upcoming FW10 collection “Countdown to Violence”.

“We have long explored clean, utilitarian design which is something we expanded upon in the Nom de Guerre FW10 collection. Our approach to the Converse Skidgrip CVO shoe is also an exploration and study of uniforms, in particular. With Converse being a brand that has served as both a uniform and a statement of independence, we felt that it was an interesting juxtaposition. The collection and video further explores these themes with a lens on group solidarity, tension, and ideas of fraternity and sublimating one’s identity to operate within a group.”

The rubberized-cotton canvas shoe launches on Friday July 30, 2010 along with the full length film, which will be screening at the Nom de Guerre flagship store. (storeguide)

Have a further look at the sneaker after the click.

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