01. The Conflicted Existence Of A Female Porn Writer

“I’ve been thinking about facials. Not the kind you get in a spa (at least not most spas), but the kind that ends almost every scene in the pornos I watch—you know the type. They are a fascinating phenomenon on a number of levels. For instance: Who came up with this idea? When, in the annals of porn history, did someone decide that not only should the ejaculation be shown, but that it should almost exclusively happen in close proximity to a woman’s face? As recently as the ’80s and early ’90s, facials weren’t all that common, but to look at porn today you’d think some Porn Pope had issued a Pop-Shot Bull decreeing that facials were the only proper type of cumshot and must be used in Blue Films unto boredom. Somewhere in there, too, it seems somebody of importance decided that, once said facial has been deposited, it must be mostly, or at least partly, consumed. Why? Why the focus on the mouth? Where is the logical basis for all this spewing?” (McSweeny’s).

02. A short video tribute to Diego Maradona, the manager (above)

“As mentioned yesterday, the World Cup 2010 will be remembered for three things – vuvuzelas, a terrible match ball, and Larissa Riquelme’s mobile phone deftly positioned between her enormous bosoms. But one thing was glaringly left out – Diego Maradona.” (The Spoiler).

03. Book Review: Plastic Dreams, By Charlotte & Peter Fiell

“Plastic Dreams by Charlotte and Peter Fiell, aims to be, as it observes on its back cover “quite simply the definitive guide to plastics in design.” Indeed, Phillippe Decelle of the Plasticarium in Brussels agrees; “Plastic dreams is outstanding. No one icon is missing.” Core77 didn’t even know there was a Plasticarium, although our enthusiasm is strong. In a rare moment of candor, however, we must admit that we’re simply not qualified to assess the whether one icon is missing. What we do know is that the Fiells have long dominated ID history course syllabi with books like Modern Furniture Classics, so critiquing their content is tough, because they literally wrote the book on industrial design history.” (Core 77).

04. New Simplicity show, Brompton Design District

“A show that celebrates pared-down, functional and practical design might not sound full of thrills but, as the stalwarts of simplicity, Jasper Morrison and Naoto Fukasawa, have proved time and again, less can be certainly more.” (Wallpaper*).

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