Curated speaks on a new set of Invader prints that have just landed at POW.

“One issue with street art, as I see it, comes in a difficult translation to pieces that can enter the collectors market. How does one, for example, turn Invader’s site specific mosaic into easily transported commodity?

The latest print offerings from Pictures on Walls do a good job capturing the spirit of Invader’s work. The prints are embossed to give tiled effect to the paper and ultimately working to keep the low relief of the artist’s pieces at the fore. In all, there are three prints, simple enough, and varying in edition from 25 to 50.

Avid readers of this site may also have noticed Invader’s work as found on the building of the Contemporary Art San Diego. If so (or not), let us take this time to remind you of Bike to the Museum Day coming up on August 1, 2010.”

Have a full look at the Invader prints here.

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