01. Will Self: copywriter from the dark side

“In this edited version of Gordon Comstock’s interview with Will Self, which appears in the current issue of CR, the novelist discusses his grudging admiration for the ad industry, a subject matter that often crops up in his fiction…” (cr)

02. Current Logo Trends

“When gauging the relative merits of the 35,000-plus logos that have been submitted from all over the world to the LogoLounge.com site in the past 18 months, it would have been supremely helpful to have some sort of magical scanner-like device that could objectively compare, classify, and quantify the success of each design. But likely such a device could only spot the obvious visual trends.” (ll)

03. before & after basics: stripping furniture

“today we are going to tackle stripping furniture! the process of stripping wood back to its natural beauty (by removing layers of old paint and varnish) is truly a labor of love. but if you have the patience, the process is a win win situation in the end!” (ds)

04. Matthew Dear – MDBC Totem (above)

“A short piece on how the limited edition art pieces for the new Matthew Dear album Black City were made by artisan sculptors. Designed by Boym Partners, the MDBC Totem were cast in bonded aluminum with a hand-finished gun metal patina. Each totem is inscribed with a short code that allows the owner to access/download the album from matthewdear.com. You get the album and the you get the art without the media getting in the way.” (md)

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