Where form meets function

These have somehow escaped my attention.

Barcelona agency Grey produced these spots for Pilot Pen – tattooing LEGO figures with typical, if not ornate tattoo designs. The intent is to showcase the fine tip of the “extra fine nib.” In this, tattoos are a nice touch. Fine line, especially, has been more widely recognized by the general public of late.

I can’t help, however, but to dislike the gross stereotyping of tattoo culture. A biker. A prisoner. A pirate. Tattooing has come along way, and so to has public perception. The lone woman in the LEGO set has a bloody tramp stamp.

All that being said, the campaign is inventive and playful. And, I do appreciate when company’s like Pilot Pen take a minor risk.

The full story is available at DesignBoom. The other tattooed LEGO figures are pictured after the jump.

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