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Former Rocha and Nina Ricci director, Olivier Theyskens, takes on the fourth installment of the A Magazine lettered series as well as “A Blog Curated By.”

“NºD is an ode to Olivier Theyskens’ obsessions, romance and appreciation of femininity, filled with vibrant imagery celebrating both the twisted and classical European ideals of beauty. The pages are unified with an animated story that unfolds in the corner, a ‘flipbook’ romance by animator Nicolas Dufranne. Olivier takes us into the forest, the theatre, through his encyclopedias and the salons of Parisian fashion from another era. Photographs of forests and flowers mirror the painstaking artisanal work of 1950s couture dresses and contemporary creations from the house of Dior”

Select looks from inside “A Magazine NºD” by Olivier Theyskens after the click.

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