01. 150-Meter Outdoor Infinity Pool // Marina Bay Sands (Above)

“Luxury hotel, Marina Bay Sands recently opened the doors of its microcosm to the public and has already wowed tourists with its unique and luxurious design.  The Marina Bay Sands hotel is located in Singapore has been designed with one goal in mind, to be the leading business, leisure and entertainment destination in Asia. It holds the title of the most expensive hotel built till this day, as its investment by the Las Vegas Sands Corporation reaches $5 billion. The Marina Bay Sands hotel is a mixed-use integrated resort with 2,560-rooms, three 55-storey towers, a 150-meters infinity pool on top of the towers, an indoor canal, a museum shaped like a lotus flower, the best shopping mall in Asia and world-class celebrity chef restaurants.  Furthermore, it includes theatres, an outdoor event plaza, a convention center and a casino with private gaming rooms for premium players.” (Yatzer).

02. California Gurls: An Anthropological Study.

“California was in unprecedented danger. Within the first several weeks of summer, the Golden Coast was crippled by the highest levels of freaking on record. Worse, the California Gurls responsible had spread throughout the region, compromising the entire state. As anthropologists, there was no choice but to act.” (McSweeney’s).

03. Gilbere Forte ft. Raak “Black Chukkas”

“Yep. This is a rap song about a shoe. It’s kind of funny though, right? Makes you smile a bit, doesn’t it? Also clever to have the camera follow the shoes and never waver. I could have done without the bits of text (those could use some cleaning up), but overall I enjoyed this more than I thought I would.” (MTV).

04. A Mobile Museum Focused on Poor Working Conditions for Agricultural Workers in Florida

“Walking down the streets of New York City, you expect to encounter all sorts of oddities. But I’d never seen a museum on wheels—until the Florida Modern-Day Slavery Museum rolled into town for a visit. This mobile museum, which is currently stopping across the country, takes place in a cargo truck and is supplemented with large poster boards of information for passersby to read. The museum, sponsored by the Coalition of Immokalee Workers, sets out to spread the word about horrible living and working conditions of tomato pickers and farm workers in parts of Florida.” (Serious Eats).

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