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For Fall 2010 XLarge once again gets together with Disney on some Mickey Mouse themed gear. We always ask ourselves how these collaborations work in Japan, because for some reason everybody seems to be collaborating with the very same brands in the same time frame. These past two seasons it is Mickey Mouse, so anybody from Bounty Hunter, to Supreme works on Mickey Mouse themed goods. We have seen the same happen with Dickies, Tricker’s and a couple of others. In the case of Mickey Mouse it is actually even more questionable, because most of the brands, including XLarge in this case, do not even bother doing anything with the character, and rather just take it as it is and print it on their goods, slap their logo onto it and that is all.

For fans of both Mickey Mouse and XLarge this might still be an interesting project. It consists of hoodies and t-shirts and will be releasedon August 13th.

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