01. The East Anglians (above)

“It is now ten years since I began photographing in rural East Anglia, and during that time I have made thousands of photographs. It started in 1999 when I moved to St. John’s, Newfoundland, to train as a folklorist. I became immersed in the academic thinking about traditional culture and learned the skills of ethnographic fieldwork. I was inspired by the work of John Cohen — a photographer, sound recordist, filmmaker, folklorist, musician and a champion of vernacular culture. I was excited to discover Cohen’s groundbreaking work, Mountain Music of Kentucky, an LP released by Folkways in 1960, which combined sound recordings, photography and text to produce a fascinating assemblage of art and document, its contents haunting and intriguing. Cohen used music, images and words to tell the story of the coal miners’ communities of eastern Kentucky. His work became for me a model of how to explore a sense of place. I began looking for my own story to tell.” (Design Observer).

02. Charlie Chan: A Stereotype and a Hero

“To many Asian-Americans, Charlie Chan is an offensive stereotype, another sort of Uncle Tom. Chan, the hero of six detective novels by Earl Derr Biggers and 47 Hollywood movies between 1926 and 1949, not to mention a 1970s Hanna-Barbera cartoon series, is pudgy, slant-eyed and inscrutable, and he speaks in singsong fortune-cookie English, saying things like, “If befriend donkey, expect to be kicked.” The California-born author and playwright Frank Chin, who has written essays denouncing Chan, would like to see him disappear altogether.” (NYT).

03. Bentley Creates Continental Flying Spur Arabia and Flying Spur Speed Arabia for Middle East Customers

“Bentley sales are no longer limited to wealthy Europeans and Americans; the company reports that ten percent of new Bentleys are purchased by customers in the Middle East. And just as the company built special-edition cars for China, Bentley is launching 50 Continentals customized for the Middle Eastern market.” (Car & Driver).

04. A Redskins-centric Overview Of Madden NFL 11

“Madden NFL 11, the latest iteration in EA Sports’ ultra-mega-bestselling football videogame series, was released yesterday to general enthusiasm and acclaim. This happens every year, and is reaching the point where it’s hardly worthy of note. Like every year, the game features a number of changes to the gameplay and interface, from major (no turbo button!) to minor (the throwing animations have been changed!). And, also like every year, some of them are successful and others are not.” (Redskins Blog).

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