Beau Colburn bangs them out on Thursdays…

01. Broken Bells Line Up 3-D Hypnotics in ‘October’
“The user-controlled, fully immersive “October” 3-D Line Project went live Wednesday on Broken Bells’ website. Realized by Flash developer Richard Lehmann and illustrator Matthew Hollister, the group’s 3-D project allows surfers to navigate, save and share a strange universe of mathematical equations, geometric shapes and evocative illustrations. It’s a head trip made more poignant by the pop-hop balladry of Broken Bells’ haunting new single.” (wired)

02. Facebook and Loathing in Las Vegas
“As I nervously grip the iPhone in my pocket, it hits me. I need to bring the conversation back to my turf. I then pull a line out of my repertoire that might have sounded dated even if I had said it a decade and a half ago.

“So, you girls use the internet?””
(tweetage wasteland)

03. Tips On Buying Design
“Let me put it another way: say your dream is to have a 52” flat-screen TV in your living room. But getting that TV would max out your budget and you wouldn’t have money for a chair to sit in. Do you downgrade the size of the TV in order to get a chair? Hell no. You sit on a milk carton and you enjoy the fuck out of that 52” TV. Because a tiny TV will NEVER turn into a monster flatscreen no matter how much you cry into it, and you’ll eventually earn enough money for the chair.” (mule)

04. Select Scenes from The World’s Longest Yard Sale (above)
“Four scrubs meet up in Chicago, Illinois, pack it all into an overly-priced rental rig and careen across Indiana in the middle of the dark, desolate night over to Defiance, Ohio.  Then the junkin’ begins.  Four days of wild, sun-up to sundown treasure hunting spanning five states and some 630 fucking miles.  Not for the weak of heart.  You man enough?” (wlysmovie)

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