Check out this short film featuring the PRO-Keds fall 2010 line. Director’s note:

“Everyone is always complaining about how there is nothing fresh anymore. About how kids nowadays waste away their days playing video games like a bunch of couch barnacles. But then, out of somewhere completely unexpected (South Richmond Hill, Queens, in this case), youths like Nick, Anil and Jessica show upon the scene with their 2 ton, 5000 booming Watt, make your eardrums explode, Sound-Clash Bikes, bridging the gap between their Trinidadian/Caribbean musical roots and their ‘always-on-the-go’ NYC lifestyles. And they’re doing it entirely of their own volition, with style and originality (dipped in new Fall 2010 PRO-Keds, of course). So forget what you heard, feel the bass mess up your guts and accept the fact that, yes, the kids are still alright!” –Monihan Monihan 2010

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