Ending this weekend (on August 21, 2010), the “Annual Summer Invitational” at Jonathan LeVine Gallery brings a fresh crop of artists to view and to the market. Their are thirteen in all, each undoubtedly talented and well chosen. Arrested Motion visited the exhibition and posted some solid installation views. I’m a fan of those, so here they are.

Full looks and a rundown of the exhibition after the jump.

Jonathan LeVine Gallery is pleased to announce the 2010 Annual Summer Invitational, a group exhibition featuring a fresh array of new work by thirteen emerging artists, exhibiting together for the first time at the gallery.

Participating artists include: Alex McLeod, Andrew Hem, Becca Midwood, Evol, Judith Supine, Lola, Morgan Slade, Marco Mazzoni, Nate Frizzell, Nicoletta Ceccoli, Oliver Warden, Oscar de las Flores, and Tran Nguyen.

As with summer group shows in previous years at Jonathan LeVine Gallery, the 2010 installment offers a wide range of artistic styles, imagery, and International influences. Works featured in the exhibition include a variety of mediums ranging from traditional paintings and drawings to pieces created with elements of photography, collage, stencil, and digital media.

The 2010 Annual Summer Invitational will occupy Gallery I for a two and a half week period, during what is normally the off-season in Chelsea. As temperatures soar and the sun heats up for summer in the city, this show promises to introduce a refreshing selection of new talent into the gallery’s established program of highly celebrated artists.

Alex McLeod
Andrew Hem
Becca Midwood
Judith Supine
Marco Mazzoni
Morgan Slade
Nate Frizzell
Nicoletta Ceccoli
Oliver Warden
Oscar de las Flores
Tran Nguyen

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