01. Half Pint Glass Creamer

“Hark back to the good old days when glass was delivered and stored in glass bottles with the Half Pint Glass Creamer. Though this version, available at Fred Flare, boasts an old-meets-new design, as it’s molded after the paper cartons we use today. Perfect for entertaining or coffee breaks at work, it will give sugar a hand by making your preferred drink or snack a little sweeter.” (incrediblethings)

02. Redesigning Money

Dowling Duncan say they conducted extensive research on how people deal money and discovered that transactions are almost always carried out vertically. It’s true: How often do you hand someone a bill clutching the center widthwise? How many money machines accept cash horizontally? The new orientation would obviously take some getting used to, but in Dowling Duncan’s view, it’s ultimately more instinctual…” (joshspear)

03. Lake Champlain Chocolates (above)

“”Place Creative Company of Burlington VT created the packaging design and marketing material for the special edition chocolate bar. Capturing the right balance was an interesting design challenge. ‘Grace wanted something that felt like a piece of classic rock memorabilia – taking that idea and making it look delicious was a lot of fun’ said Keri Piatek, Design Director at Place Creative.” (dieline)

04. Timba’s Illustration Department

“If we did anything with print magazines (if you can remember what those are), Timba Smits would most certainly illustrate the covers. Timba’s Illustration Department is a collection of his illustration works from Computer Arts Projects, Street Studio, Vampire Roller Babes, Beastie Boys, and the list goes on.” (coolmaterial)

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