01. Sketchbook Series: Yelena Bryksenkova

“Today you get two posts because I am too excited to wait any longer to share the incredible sketchbooks of Yelena Bryksenkova. Her drawings are beautiful and nostalgic feeling. Her line work is detailed and interesting and her palettes warm and subdued yet sophisticated. If you couldn’t tell I am completely in love with her work! Her sketchbooks have lots of pretty writing surrounding her paintings and I imagine this style working really well for a fancy children’s book. Yelena is a recent grad of MICA and just beginning her freelance illustration career…” (bbic)

02. American Apparel Drops After Getting Subpoena on Auditor Change

“The company has reduced store openings and is trying to offset the firing of 1,500 manufacturing workers last year for immigration infractions that lowered productivity. It may breach a debt covenant because of operating losses that could leave it without enough liquidity to keep operating for the next year, the company said in statement after the filing.” (inqmnd>bloomberg)

03. I’m Still Here Trailer 2010 HD (above)

04. Cool Hunting Video Presents: Brimfield Dealers

“This video checks in with the sellers who come to the Brimfield Antique Show, which three times a year inflates the population of Brimfield, Massachusetts from 3,000 to a quarter million. From a dealer who specializes in Masonic ephemera to a sculptor who uses scrap metal as his material, we took a look at the community who gives shoppers reason to travel far and wide to the small town.” (coolhunting)

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