Belgian design-art dealer Victor Hunt is bringing the work of Korean designer Kwangho Lee to Brussels gallery Hunting and Collecting for Design September 2010. Lee’s most renowned work employs densely woven power cords to create strangely inviting furniture and lighting pieces, like in the Obsession and Black Whale series’ selected by Hunt. In this video, created by Hunt as a teaser for the upcoming exhibition, Lee speaks about his inspirations and the motivations behind his work.

Lee’s major belief is that ordinary objects can be simply manipulated into different objects altogether with the just a little ingenuity and imagination. The simplicity of Zip, a pair of stools made of densely bound straw, best highlights this idea, as they adopt qualities of different materials altogether, with the simulation of a wood grain thanks to the deceptively simple binding techniques used to hold the stools together.

His 2009 Obsession series is a living room set constructed from PVC chainmail. While it might sound fetishistic and hard edged, the composition of the set gives the pieces a gooey quality that makes them more goofy than anything else.

Kwangho Lee will show as part of Brussels’ Design September 2010 at Victor Hunt from September 11th, 2010 – September 30th, 2010.

Words by Adrian Pelliccia.

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