Dazed interviews 24-year old, London-based photographer Barbara Anastacio. “Her love for photography began after attending a Diane Arbus exhibition, and it has continued since. Photographing her subjects with an incredible directness, her images appear up-front and overly saturated akin to something you’d expect from a Martin Parr portrait. Whether it be on a sunny beach or a snowy pavement, Anastacio’s photographs have the ability to hold your gaze. Through them you get a real sense of character and surrounding, almost as if you are there in that precise moment. Anastacio’s dexterity as a photographer is also quite remarkable; shooting portraiture, landscape, fashion and documentary style photography all to equally high measure, on both digital and film.”

She’s a bright young lady, and her thoughts concise and well measured. Read the full interview here.

A few examples of Anastacio’s work after the jump.

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