Edition One Hundred is pleased to announce the September 1 launch of Freedom & Revolution, a two-month exhibition curated by founder Cat Jimenez and Veronica Thomas featuring the work of Brooke Ashe, B+, Kevin Hayes, Ardith Ibanez, Cynthia Loebe Wendell Mc Shine, Miles Regis, and RETNA.

Designed to provide beautifully packaged and produced art and photography at prices within reach, Edition One Hundred is a gallery without walls, open twenty-four hours a day in any time zone around the globe. Founded by curator Cat Jimenez, Edition One Hundred represents the spirit of “Freedom & Revolution” in that Ms. Jimenez is starting this new company with an eye towards innovation, free expression, and original thinking.

Above: Cynthia Loebe, 120 Feet.

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