We caught up with one-half of SUPER, Daniel Beckerman, to chat about the new Highsnobiety “Andrea” sunglasses, which are were released Thurs (and have already sold out through SUPER online). Union and colette will be receiving stock shortly.

1. Let’s talk about the design process for these frames. How long did it take to go from idea to release?

We have always talked about making something very “snob” and elegant. Many ideas were coming up and as usual some to crazy or difficult to realize some others not so exciting. At that time we were working and experimenting a lot with leather and combined materials. When we saw that Briar look we thought it would have been perfect to include in some Super new future collection, then realize that was just perfect or the HS project, showed it to David that loved it and that was kind of it.

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2. One interesting aspect of these glasses is the vintage tortoise acetate. Are there any issues surrounding that? Is difficult to find good vintage tortoise?

Ultra difficult, kind of crazy. There are 2 companies that has supplied most of the world acetate productions for lot’s of years, and still do, but going there and look for colors for a designer is like finding a treasure land for a Pirate. The problem is that you get lost and then when you have found what you like is never available or maybe you have minimums problems. It’s kind of frustrating.

3. From a manufacturing standpoint, the Italian leather aspect is also quite impressive. Can you tell us a bit about the handcrafting process?

Well we just have found the best of the best italian artisan that covers manually every single shade with the finest leather. It always take some time to find the best supplier so we usually start trying with some samples, something that we did for the full covered Flat Top Black to start with but for a change they arrived incredible well made in all it’s parts. Is 30 years or more that those people does only this, so they must be the best and you see they are passionate of what they do. The only problem is that the production is obviously very costy therefore the retail price as well. We had 10 left that we wanted to sell thru our website to understand how people would have react with a price point so high. We sold 1 every 2 hours, so we added them up in our next collection, and they are selling very well.

4. The final custom aspect of this release is the case. What inspired the unique shape? Why do you feel this is an important addition?

Because we never usually change our standard packaging for a 80pcs collaboration even though in some cases we would wish to make something different, but we just had a chance to do it for this and we are happy we made it.

5. You’ve been working very closely with Highsnobiety from the beginning. What are some of your favorite memories associated with HS in your years working together?

Well, HS is maybe one of the first very visited blog that had interest in what we were doing and I think had contribute at the growth of Super, so I am always happy when we create something that gets attention and it’s difficult to tell “the” best memorie, but definitely David and Jeff are fun people to chat with and maybe those are the best ones even though very rare and short :)

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