Where the runway meets the street

The latest collaborative work between Kitsuné and tie maker, Flouzen, fall right in line with Kitsuné Autumn 201o. Prepare for school. “It made sense for Masaya Kuroki, creative director of Kitsuné, and Julie Rousselet, designer of flouzen, to join forces again on a new collaboration. When Masaya Kuroki first saw flouzen’s handknitted cashmere ties collection, he was intrigued by the idea of a collaboration born of their common desire for timeless and qualitative collections. For AW 2009, Kitsuné brought the idea of a fox tail tie to flouzen, as a throwback to the celebrated character of the fox in the “Fables de la Fontaine,” and a collaboration was born.”

Many more looks at the Flouzen for Kitsuné Ivy League Class of 2010-2011 neckties after the click.

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