01. 07.31.10
(Pictured Above) [Hearblack]

02. Axl Rose: Guns N’ Roses ‘had a deal’ to play past curfew at Reading And Leeds Festivals

“Guns N’ Roses’ Axl Rose  has claimed that the band had a “deal in place” to play longer than their allotted time slots during their headline shows at the Reading And Leeds Festivals over the weekend.” (NME)

03. R.I.P., Corinne Day

“The English fashion photographer Corinne Day passed away this weekend, following a long fight with brain cancer. Day’s stripped-down, de-glossed aesthetic was a breath of fresh air when she rose to prominence in the early nineties, coming on the heels of the ultra-stylized shoots of the 1980’s. Today, she’s most famous for one such pared-down editorial that ran in Britain’s The Face in July of 1990—one that launched the career of her friend, a then-unknown 16-year-old named Kate Moss.” (Style.com)

04. Fresh Peanuts For Sale

“El Manicero (The Peanut Vendor)” is easily one of the best known Cuban compositions in the world, covered many many many times over yet it is a tune I never, ever seem to tire of. I’ve been lax in actually showing proper love even though my intentions have been there for a while: both Cachao and Sedes’ versions had been in the back of my head for future posts but it was hearing Peru’s Raul Llerena’s version tonight that finally forced me to bajar mi cull.” (Soul Sides)

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