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Following the teaser videos, Orgone Project and Artist Series tees, we can now give you a look into the lookbook for Sixpack France’s Autumn/Winter 2010 collection, “Synesthesie.” The following is an excerpt from Sixpack France’s introduction that explains their inspirations and moods.

Evil is one of the primary instincts of the human heart.
 We advised you that we were about to break through its very substance – here we are. The explorations of endless desert landscapes are behind us: here comes the time to sink into our deepest and darkest fantasies.
 The loneliness of inner space as another form of vastness. An itinerary similar to the one of Rimbaud, but backwards.

We don’t intend to commit suicide in the gothic tradition, but we claim it’s time to draw a line under ease and superficiality. 
To get rid of that self-indulgent regurgitation of the same obvious references, over and over again.
 We’re tired of the predictable revivals, of the stale and unimaginative recycling.

Have a look at the full collection after the click.

Photography/Art Direction : ill-Studio

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