Beau Colburn loves Dorado fish tacos…

01. The King Of The Ferret Leggers
“Loyal to nothing that lives, the ferret has only one characteristic that might be deemed positive — a tenacious, single-minded belief in finishing whatever it starts. That usually entails biting off whatever it bites. The rules of ferret legging do allow the leggers to try to knock the ferret off a spot it’s biting (from outside the trousers only), but that is no small matter, as ferrets never let go.” (deadspin )
02. Abandoned Six Flags – New Orleans (above)
“Eastern New Orleans was badly flooded in 2005 in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The park grounds are located on a low-lying section of Eastern New Orleans, with a 6-foot earthen flood berm running along the perimeter, creating an artificial basin. After the park’s drainage pumps failed during the storm, the berm retained the combination of rainwater and sea water overflow from Lake Pontchartrain caused by Katrina’s massive storm surge, submerging the entire park grounds in corrosive, brackish floodwater to a depth of 4–7 feet. The floodwater was not drained for over a month.” (flickr)

03. JFK Library: JFK For President on Twitter
“The JFK Library will be tweeting each step of the historical campaign launched 50 years ago, on Accompanying print ads and posters feature classic photographs from the campaign, along with tweet bubbles featuring a QR code that will lead readers straight to the feed.” (creativity)

04. How John McEnroe Plans To Save Tennis
“That’s what touched a nerve in McEnroe, who believes that complete immersion in the sport from prepubescence on has created a generation of robotic, burned-out, and one-dimensional players. His way, what he aims to make the way, involves a more balanced approach, in which tennis is part of an elite prodigy’s life, not the definition of it. It’s how he sees tennis in his own life.” (newyork)

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