01. Novy Dvur Monastery by John Pawson

“A reductive design process that questions the necessity of every element in the desire to eliminate what is superfluous. This discretion in design is vital for a group of robed Cistercian monks, originally from France, who deliberately seeks seclusion. The restored Our Lady of Novy Dvur monastery, in the Czech Republic is their entire world—based on bare necessities and self denial.” (minimalissimo)

02. Beddo (above)

“Beddo – Japanese for ‘bed’ – designed by Christina Liljenberg Halstrøm, is a minimalist sofa, comprising of a low-level, thin upholstered plane with a wooden structure for a removable backrest.” (iainclaridge)

03. From Mickey to Murakami: Kaikai and Kiki to Join Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

“Kaikai, a childlike character in a rabbit costume, and Kiki, a companion with three eyes and sharp fangs, are examples of Mr. Murakami’s signature superflat style, but their balloon likenesses will be about 40 feet long when completed, and about three stories tall when filled with helium. Since the spring, Macy’s parade studio and Mr. Murakami and his Tokyo-based team have traded notes on two-dimensional sketches that were used to create clay models, which were then further refined and colored before the fabrication of the balloons (now underway).” (nytartbeat)

04. ID Blocker Stamp

“It gets harder every day to protect our identity on line, at the ATM or simply when discarding documents in the trash. This nifty low tech device will help protect your identity, even if you don’t own a shredder. The stamp contains thousands of tiny symbols that block out whatever is under them when you use it. It works great for credit card statements, personal addresses, or anything else you want to keep private, but need to throw out. The ink can be replaced as with any self inker. Should get 2,000 stampings with ink filled.” (notcot>spoonsisters)

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