01. 3191 Miles Apart (Pictured above)

“This week we should be calling this online project 2898 Miles Apart as I have been in Brooklyn, New York and the round-about mileage to Portland, Oregon is just that.” (3191)

02. Jessica Simpson Gets Lucky, Learns to Love Herself

“The celebrity-learns-to-love-herself tale is a tough sell. On the one hand: isn’t appearing on magazine covers confirmation enough that you’ve conformed to society’s beauty standards? Am I really supposed to empathize—or worse, sympathize—with the skinny woman with flawless skin smiling at me from the pages of Lucky? On the other hand: the fame that lands stars in magazines also leads to unwarranted scrutiny, like the massive uproar Simpson faced when she had the audacity to go on stage in a pair of high-waisted jeans. No one cares if I show up to work with a fresh pimple and undereye bags (which—heads up, co-workers!—I totally will be tomorrow), but the bar is set much higher for celebrities.” (Glossed Over)

03. Uncouth

“The smell of freshly fried french fries from McDonalds are intoxicating. I don’t know what it is about their fries, maybe its the extra salt…the crispness..whatever…they are good. I don’t like burger king, and I’ll eat Wendy’s fries by default because I do love their Spicy Chicken Sandwich (#6), but McDonald’s fries are definitely my favourite.” (Luxirare)

04. Report: Afghan Mineral Deposits Could Completely Revolutionize Nation’s System Of Corruption

“According to a new State Department report, Afghanistan’s more than $900 billion worth of untapped iron, copper, lithium, and other minerals could transform the nation from a graft-laden backwater into a modern, 21st-century hub of corruption.” (The Onion)

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