Where the runway meets the street
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We’ve been on the W.O.R. tip for some time and we’re not alone. Warriors appeared on the cusp of a new appreciation for what many call surf. Truth is that would be a compartmentalizing their message. W.O.R. is bigger than one “labeling” term and they continue to prove this with their Autumn 2010 offering. “The Fall 2010 Warriors of Radness collection is now in stores. New items include oversized sweatshirts, pleated baggy cotton pants, pullover anoraks in various fabrics, corduroy, trench coats, sweatpants, jacquard knit shirts and much much more, including new radical t-shirt prints. The summer never ends. It just gets a little colder.”

Many more looks at Warriors of Radness for Autumn 2010 after the click.

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