01. Color and Texture Inspiration from the SFMoMA

“I took a ton of photos but I thought the ones above were quite nice and could perhaps provide some inspiration. I know the names of a few of these artists but I’ve decided that’s not important. What’s important is to soak in the colors, and textures and all that jazz and have a totally hippy experience looking at them.” (kitsunenoir)

02. A House Awaiting Death by EASTERN Design Office

“This house on the outskirts of Isa, Japan is by architects EASTERN design office and has been raised on a concrete block to afford views of the sea.” (dezeen)

03. A Little Friday Eye Candy (above)

“We’ve had a nice response to the Design for You contest so far. I thought I’d leave you today with some more shots of the Eames chairs after the artists spent some time on them. These prizes will be unlocked in the final week of the competition. Look out for interviews with the artists coming up on Lifework.” (hm-lifework)

04. Wood Stock

“Wood stock is a measuring tool that teachs to recognize some different woods.” (notcot)

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