The second artist installation and editions for sale at The Standard, New York come from Australian artist Anthony Lister.

Following Julia Chiang’s ‘All for You’ installation in February, Lister has made mini-masks, shields and swords which will be on sale at The Standard shop- each as individual pieces of art (acrylic on wood, $200 signed and numbered by artist). The Standard says, “Anthony Lister uses comic book imagery for his own means, redirecting popular culture for personal expression. Heroes and villains are taken out of the panel and placed in a new space, devoid of the usual storyline, dialogue and scenery. His paintings are not controlled by cartoon context; rather, the figures in these portraits are reinvented through the artist’s hand. His mixed media technique, involving layers of ink, spray and brushwork, allows his paintings to simultaneously have a soft, ethereal and garish, raw energy.”

Lister will also be painting a site-specific piece on the glass window of the shop tomorrow, Wednesday September 15, 2010.

More looks at the installation follow.

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