01. if i could see all my friends tonight

Pictured Above. (The Blue Hour)

02. Ricky Hatton enters rehab after battling depression and drink problems

“Ricky Hatton  has entered rehabilitation after battling with severe depression and a drink problem, the boxer’s spokesman, Max Clifford, said tonight.” (Guardian)

03. “Get My Weed From Branson Cause His Sack’s Bigger….”

“Those lyrics above were once spit by Redman in his song ‘Whateva Man”. They referred to Branson Belchie, the Harlemite pictured above. Moreso, they referred to the size of weed sacks that he allegedly sold. Also known as Branson B, Mr. Belchie is credited as the man who allegedly ran a robust Cannabis trade in Harlem, a business so successful that his very name “Branson’s” became to uptown weed what McDonalds is to hamburgers. Like Micky D’s, Branson’s was the name to trust when it was time to burn.” (Daily Mathematics)

04.  A Visit to Hostem

“Just last week I bemoaned the lack of truly exciting menswear stores in the capital. I have said countless times that I can count the number of well stocked stores on one hand but there have been a few recent additions that are forcing me to impugn my previous statement. The unveiling of Hostem on Redchurch Street over the summer justifiably caused ripples of excitement throughout the industry.” (Style Salvage)

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