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There’s no shortage of cases and stands for Apple’s iPad—we’ve featured a number of them here. Yet, some of us at Selectism choose to go caseless. (Those designers hidden in the dark labs of Cuptertino didn’t design the iPad to feel so nice in your hands for nothing.) Still, there are plenty of times when the iPad needs some additional support: when you want to watch a movie, or give it a more comfortable typing angle.

magneticNorth’s MoviePeg is a simple, nicely designed solution that’s a great iPad compliment. The MoviePeg is two pieces of molded plastic that slide onto each side of the iPad. Depending on where they’re connected, they keep the iPad at a high angle for viewing, or a lower angle for typing. The two pieces of plastic snap together for easy storage, and are small enough to keep keep nearby at all times for whenever they’re needed. The MoviePeg for iPad is available directly from magneticNorth in black, or limited edition Clockwork Orange (and we love a good Kubrick reference).

Another look at MoviePeg for iPad by magneticNorth after the click.

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