01. Why We’re Teaching ‘The Wire’ at Harvard
“”The Wire,” which depicted inner-city Baltimore over five seasons on HBO, shows ordinary people making sense of their world. Its complex characters on both sides of the law defy simplistic moral distinctions. Critics loved it. Its fans hung on every episode. We think it is more than just excellent television. Impressed by its treatment of complex issues, we developed a course at Harvard drawing on the show’s portrayal of fundamental sociological principles connected to urban inequality. Our seminar was designed for 30 students; four times that many showed up for the first class last week.”

02. The Quest to Find the First Soundscape
“There will always be a large gap between our visual and audio historical records. Decades when we can see our places, but not hear them. We will never know what New York, Los Angeles, or any other city sounded like before the automobile hit the streets and electricity was commonplace.

Some things, like what it sounded like for a million Americans to live together without internal combustion engines on wheels, can be lost forever.”
(atlantic http://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2010/09/the-quest-to-find-the-first-soundscape/62842/ )

03. Everything is a Remix (above)

“Remixing is a folk art but the techniques involved — collecting material, combining it, transforming it — are the same ones used at any level of creation. You could even say that everything is a remix.” (everythingisaremix)

04. Barbara Kruger Downtown New York
“To build excitement for the new downtown location of the Whitney, the museum commissioned three artists, GUYTON/WALKER, TAUBA AUERBACH and BARBARA KRUGER, to contribute to an ongoing public art project on the site of the future building. The artists stays true to their aesthetics but must use printed vinyl as the medium to mold and cover the fences and surrounding area on the corners of Gansevoort and Washington St.” (purplediary)

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