01. Three Generations At Nathan Liverant And Son

“”What do you think of that chair?” the proud, smiling dad said, looking down on his 3-year-old son, who quickly replied “Chippendale,” to the amazement of the couple standing in the room. Zeke Liverant probably thought “That’s my boy,” as he walked away from another house call with both the chair and Arthur in tow. Today Arthur tells that story, adding, “It was one of the first words I learned, not knowing it had anything to do with furniture, but was the names of the cartoon characters, Chip and Dale.” (The Bee).

02. Motorcycle Diaries: Apolis Vietnam Expedition

“Seems as if there’s wanderlust in the air. In the spirit of travel and adventure, Global Citizen Raan Parton, of Apolis, is heading out on what sounds like one hell of an epic field trip(next time, fellas). Motorcycling through the Vietnamese country side on old Russian Minsk bikes, Raan will be working on some product development, field testing some recently released Apolis Transit Issue gear(the Expedition Duffel being a standout and perfect carry-all for such a trip), documenting the modern face of Vietnam and, along the way, having a hell of a time.” (secret forts).

03. Foyn-Johanson House / Harrison and White (above).

“We see one of the key issues in Australian housing being how we use the sun to improve new and existing houses. In this project we made a very clear attempt to form a house around the idea of preserving light into a garden space. As houses become (often unnecessarily) bigger and blocks smaller, the available land for gardens is reduced. We have created a garden that enjoys light all day – the form has cut from it the rays of the morning sun to ensure light falls onto the growing area, one which the clients will use for the growing of food.” (arch daily).

04. Top job would suit me – Blackburn boss Sam Allardyce

“Blackburn boss Sam Allardyce believes he is good enough to manage any of Europe’s top clubs.” (BBC).

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