Born in Battle Creek, Michigan, Arcadia Ales owes much to century old British brewing traditions. Since 1996, Arcadia has transferred the lessons of the British Isles to the Upper Midwest, producing small batch beers with English barley and authentic British Equipment. Their fall tipple, a pumpkin ale, hit late last month. They say, “Jaw-Jacker Ale is our Fall Seasonal, a celebration of harvest-time and the changing of the seasons. Using only the finest malted barley and a touch of wheat for mouth-feel, Jaw-Jacker pours a brilliant orange-amber color with truly unique flavors. Although no pumpkins are used, a blend of nutmeg, allspice and cinnamon work with malty flavors to create a bold flavor reminiscent of pumpkin pie. A light hop note balances out the beer nicely.”

I can report that the beer has a terrific nose (for a pumpkin ale), and others I know say it drinks quite well (for a pumpkin ale).

Check for your local Arcadia stock-list here.

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