It’s Friday, and we are in a football mood…

01. Diego Maradona’s Porsche for sale – for £320,000

“A cheeky car salesman is cashing in on Diego Maradona’s name by selling the football legend’s old Porsche – for a staggering £320,000.” (SWNS).

02. Arsenal property deals send profits to record high

“Arsenal Football Club has announced record pre-tax profits of £56m. The Premier League club also said it had paid off all debt on its Highbury Square property development of flats, built on the ground of its old stadium.” (BBC).

03. French club Levallois SC to name stadium after Didier Drogba

“Chelsea striker Didier Drogba will have the honour of seeing a stadium named after him in France, according RMC.” (Goal).

04. Hip new WAG-related language revealed in newspaper (above).

“Of course, there are few things more cringe-worthy than a bunch of crusty old squares telling you how the kids speak these days – with their far out ecstacy parties etc… – but that hasn’t stopped the throbbing brains at The Sun from including a glossary of undercover WAG talk with this article about a former “WAGABEE”.” (The Spoiler).

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